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Yaje Software Technologies provides top industrial products and services that cover software, hardware and technical support. With our years of professional experience in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry, we know exactly what you need—optimum and advanced business solutions!

Choose the right solutions for your business from the list below. If you need our recommendation, just give us a call and we are ready to attend to you quickly.

New Generation Websites and Online Applications

Ideal for all industries

Increase your visibility in the internet and your chances to be found online by millions of internet users. We can build you an official website which will serve as a one-stop resource of all the information about your business.

Choose the package that best suits your business' needs.

  • ENTREPRENEUR 1.0™ This lucrative package is perfect for businesses that just started. Our excellent designs will provide you with an attractive website with a maximum of ten static HTML pages. This will aid you to immediately position your company in the World Wide Web.
  • AJAX EXECUTIVE 2.0™ This valuable package is meant for businesses that are already established but in need of extra help to market their products and services on the internet, and carry on with the growing competition. Through AJAX programming and Content Management System (CMS), your website will have interactive and dynamic interfaces on its pages.
  • AJAX TYCOON 2.0™ This innovative package is for businesses that are caught in the middle of a tight competition. AJAX programming will create interactive web applications with fast data loading. Your website will also benefit from a feature called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is ideal for companies that view the internet as a mission-critical venue to conduct daily business which requires real-time response.
  • FLASH / FLEX WEBSITES Want to add extra attention to your business' website? Then go animated! Our professional animators and designers will craft an animated, dynamic and interactive website that will promote your business in a ground-breaking approach.
  • E-COMMERCE SYSTEMS These systems are fit for entrepreneurs or those who are into selling business. Provide an online support for your business and enjoy earning more! Let us help you assemble an online marketplace where you can sell your products securely, conveniently and globally through a standard SSL encryption and a worldwide payment gateway that accepts VISA and MasterCard.

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