Corporate Intranet

Ideal for companies with growing demands

Improve the structure of human resources, finance and administration of your company. With our assistance, you can properly handle your business' internal operations.

  • DAILY TIME ATTENDANCE AND HR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Employee management is a skill that every business owner must learn. However, this could be such a tedious task that would require much time and effort. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now follow your employee's performance through an exclusive daily time attendance and HR management system that we can readily facilitate for you.
  • PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Money matters for hard workers. Pay days are some of the days that your employees anticipate every month. Give them what is due them on time, and make the payroll methods as prompt as possible with an up-to-date payroll management system.
  • ONLINE BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM Deal with your company's accounting and taxation with the use of the latest technologies available. Gone are the days of paper, ink and typewriter. Today, you can simply hire a group of experts like us to develop an online bookkeeping system for your business.
  • SALES AND INVENTORY SYSTEM Sales and inventories are some of the vital records that measure the success of a particular business. It is, therefore, a "must" to put up a well secured and operative online sales and inventory system that could be speedily accessed by authoritative members of staff within your company.

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