Business Systems

Ideal for companies with growing demands

Advance your business as the world advances. Don't be left behind in this new age of technology! We can create highly developed and cutting edge systems that will help you manage your business faster, cheaper and better.

  • TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM (TPS) Monitor, manage and record all transactions that your company make the most convenient way. We can set up highly technological systems that will improve your business' operations. Ideal for companies which core business is to sell products or render services in exchange of some value.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT SYSTEM (CSS) Our customers should always be our top priority. That is why you need to make sure that you are investing enough for their assistance. Through this system, we can build up services that will help your customers solve specific problems regarding your products. Ideal for contact centers, BPOs and other companies that require much interaction with clients.
  • SALES AND INVENTORY SYSTEM (SIS) Guarantee your business' profit by keeping track of your sales and inventories. We can design a special computer software that will record all the important details of your business. Ideal for companies with a wide range of products and services to offer and generate sales.
  • DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (DSS) Decision-making is such a significant aspect of business management, and we understand how mind-numbing that can be. No need to worry, because now there are computerized systems that support organizational and administrative activities which you can simply outsource from us. Ideal for companies that seek constant change and innovative ways to improve business structure.
  • EXECUTIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM (EIS) Organize all the relevant information about your business through a systematic process. Let us construct an information management system for your company which intends to direct easy access to both internal and external information that senior executives will utilize in meeting strategic goals. Ideal for established companies that acquire a lot of information that are needed to be frequently stored and accessed.

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