Message from the CEO of The Yaje Group

"At Yaje Technologies, Medbase and its subsidiaries collectively known as The Yaje Group, we believe that ethical and responsible business conduct is the backbone of our success in the global marketplace. This means more than just obeying the laws of the countries where we operate; it means upholding an ethical foothold and acting with honesty and integrity in all decisions and relationships.

This Code of Business Conduct provides a framework for the principles and standards by which each of us should conduct our daily activities and interactions. It also serves as a public statement of our commitment to conduct our business relationships with the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and honesty.

Our Code of Business Conduct sets forth our expectation regarding business and professional conduct and is intended to help you recognize and deal with both ethical and legal issues. This Code of Business Conduct cannot address or provide a rule for every situation. All of us need to be sensitive to any situations that can impact the Company’s reputation and exercise common sense and good judgment in the way we conduct our business activities. When in doubt about whether a situation might raise concerns of a violation of law or this Code, I strongly encourage you to report your concerns.

We should all be proud of our reputation as an ethically driven and legally compliant corporation. I encourage all of you to uphold this reputation by continuing to honor the letter and spirit of our Code of Business Conduct and strive to “do the right thing.”

Partnership & Investors Relationship

We are commited to bring value to our partners by investing or conducting R&D to products or services with high return value to our shareholders. For investment opportunities get in touch with us at our HQ at [email protected] or follow us in Facebook:


Our senior partners are committed in providing our clients with decisive IT strategy, mitigate risks, improve the quality and efficiency of operations and provide tools to improve our client's bottom line.

"Information Technology have an important role in bringing out the true potential of MSMEs."


Our senior partners have over 70+ years of collective experience in consultancy, healthcare, semiconductors, development and marketing of IT solutions. We also developed an Online Bookkeeping System for a CPA firm in Philippines in 2005. In 2006, we have worked on five companies on various projects. We also worked with a Philippine-based chain that pioneered the Asian quick-service restaurant, where we created a corporate presentation that compiled the company's portfolio, products and services, and achievements which was shown to its many franchisers around the Philippines. Our Content Management System (CMS) and a flash web design portfolios catered to retail companies and SMEs alike.

Our experiences in various verticals in E-Commerce retails and the like allowed us to provide our clients with access to payment solutions using Mastercard, Visa, JCB, and UnionPay.

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